Refugees in Indianapolis give $14 to launch UKRAINE REFUGEE FUND to assist refugees fleeing war in Ukraine

On Thursday, March 3 at our weekly CARE club we had a special program to reflect and respond to the war in Ukraine and the over 1 million refugees who have fled. We launched the Migros Aid Ukraine Refugee Fund and set a goal to raise $50,000. click here to donate

Channel 8 news was there to tell the story how the refugee community, who themselves had fled war, want to help refugees in Ukraine. Young people in the group wrote letters that will be mailed to refugees fleeing Ukraine. Also, a total of $14 was collected, all from young people, to assist refugees in Europe. A song was shared by Nick Sahaidachny and he spoke about how his parents fled Ukraine in the 1930s.

Joseph Mosse also shared his story of being raised in Ukraine and how many of his friends are in danger.

Migros Aid has launched a UKRAINE REFUGEE FUND and our goal is to raise $50,000 to bring aid and assistance to the refugee crises that has emerged as a result of Russia’s invasion. We will be be partnering with groups in Poland and Romania where we have relationship.

Please contact us to get involved and make a donation today

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