Migros Aid English Club Meets in New Place in Speedway on Thursdays

In the area of Speedway of Indianapolis, thousands of  refugees have been settled in this part of the city.     We have been doing our English Club at an apartment club house since March 2016 and paying rent for the use of this one room facility.

We are grateful for volunteers from the Speedway Baptist Church.  They  began coming and offered for us to use their building at no charge    They also have two vans that are used in their Day Care school and they are being used to transport participants from the apartments to English Club and back home after English Club.

This has been a great help with more space for the children to have separate space to do activities and get help with their homework as their parents learn English.

Our goal is to expand ‘Migros Aid English Club’ in other locations as we are able to.

Saudi Club & ELS Students Donate Food for English Club on Sep 12

The Saudi Club of IUPUI and students from ELS Indianapolis Language Center donated food and provided a great evening for our English Club on Sep 12.    The immigrant & refugee community were very happy to get an amazing meal during their evening of learning English.

We also held our class outside and heard singing from different countries.  Thanks for the volunteers who joined us.

The growing number of refugees moving into Indianapolis is exciting and provides an opportunity to “serve our neighbor”.


“Will you help me with my homework?”

At our last “English Club for Refugees” on August 24, three young girls from Somalia under the age of 10 came up to me after the conclusion of our two hours together.

One asked  me, “Can I come back next week?”  Her smile was from ear to ear with her head covered with her hijab (Muslim head covering)

“Of course!” I replied.

“I have no one to help me with my homework because my parents do not speak any English.”

If you live in Indianapolis, please contact us and get involved to help us with our “English Clubs for Refugees”!

You do not have to be a teacher or know another language.   You only have to have a heart of care and compassion and a couple hours to give to help.  We need more “English Coaches” !

Aug 18 English Club for Refugees

We had over 23 refugee adults at our August 18 English Club.  We had 8 volunteers come out and help facilitate the teaching time and also help with the children.  The children pick up English very quickly at school. It is their parents who need a great deal of help.

I (Joel)  got a text after getting back to home after a long day of work.   It read,  “Today you made me so happy coming to teach English.”