Children at “English Club for Refugees”

Thank you to Ben and Kattie Potter who volunteer to cordinate helping with the children of  the refugees.  This allows their moms and dads to be in class and practice their English. Many of the children speak much better English than their parents but need help with homework and someone to practice English with.  If you would like to help, please contact us.

How many Refugees are Coming to Indianapolis?

Two main organizations facilitate the migration of refugees into Indianapolis: Exodus and Catholic Relief Services.  They both do extensive, great work.

Exodus resettled 892 new persons in 2015. According to Catholic Charities,  over 600 refugees were settled in 2015.  

So that is 1,492 in 2015 between the two groups, about 125 per month.

According to Indiana Public Data Utility,   International immigration totaled 5,161 in the city in 2015.   Immigrants are individuals who choose to move to the United States because of family, marriage, or work. Refugees are forced out of their home nation because of war and normally live in exile for an extended period of time before moving.

Indianapolis residents represent about 120 different nationalities.   (Source: Minority Business ,  3rd Qtr 2016)

The state of Indiana was home to 314,501 immigrants in 2013. (Source: Minority Business ,  3rd Qtr 2016)

Interfaith Group from Around the World Sign Up Refugees to Learn English

13718650_10153794473017549_8970926370323838497_nMuslims from Saudi Arabia, A Buddhist from Japan, and several Christians came together  for the refugee community of Indianapolis. We had an excellent evening of an to sign refugees up for free English Classes.  It was amazing seeing the faces of people looking at our group.

There are many who come together for interfaith dialogue but I love this idea of people coming together for interfaith compassion work for the good of the community.