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about us

Our History

In early 2016, an eclectic, diverse group of individuals got talking about refugees being settled in Indianapolis. A group of teachers, international students, a few churches,  and other volunteers from different cultural and religious backgrounds began noticing many immigrants who were  lonely and isolated. They were struggling to assimilate after years of residing in America.

Our core team of initial volunteers were Muslim, Buddhists, and Christians working together (a beautiful thing) for the refugee community to learn English and help students with their homework, something their parents struggle to do due to language.     

We began renting out a clubhouse at an apartment complex in 2016  on the west side of Indianapolis, where a large number of refugees live. We sang songs, provided a meal, brought donated clothing and household items, and provided English lessons. Migros Aid, Inc. was incorporated in 2017 as a non-profit organization.

As a Christian organization, we believe in building bridges for relationships to empower the immigrant and refugee community, something we believe is Biblical hospitality.  Our services are expanding and our capacity is growing. We follow the model and life of Jesus Christ who said,  “I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”  Matthew 25:31-40

We often discuss what it means for immigrants to flourish and we believe in a holistic strategy that impacts all areas of life:   family, fitness, future, faith, finances, fun, and friendships.    Our work is moving towards that end and the whole person flourishing ,as God intends.  

Our story is still being written!  We welcome you to come join us and serve alongside with us. 

the why. the what. the how

WHY do we serve the immigrant refugee community?

  • Honor GOD (1 Cor 10:31)
  • Engage and practice Christian hospitality (Heb 13:2, Is 58:7)
  • Desire for people to know and encounter God’s love found in Jesus Christ (Jn 3:3, Mt. 6:33)
  • Love and welcome the “stranger” among us (Deut 10:19, Mt 25:35)

WHAT do we want to see as an outcome?

  • Bring hope and restoration to immigrants who face isolation and trauma
  • Enable transformation and formation for all of us to thrive and flourish
  • Facilitate community and belonging
  • Foster relationships and connections where emotional healing can happen

HOW are we going to do it?

1. Training

  • Educate people about global migration and equip them to make a difference through Migros 101
  • Help people gain insight and grow in compassion for the immigrant community through Cross-Cultural Immersion Experiences (a3-hour spiritual retreat for groups)

2. Aid:   Distribution of welcome kits, furniture, household goods, and clothing

3. Service:  Provide opportunities for individuals and groups to put their faith into action by serving the immigrant and refugee community

4. Empowering:   Seeking transformation and long-term impact through our 5 initiatives

      • Care Club
      • Migros Academy (tutoring)
      • Migros Garden
      • Migros Mentors
      • Glocal Services (mentoring through vocational) training 

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