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C.S. Lewis masterfully wrote, “We may ignore, but we can nowhere evade the presence of GOD. The world is crowded with HIM. He walks everywhere incognito.”

This Cross-Cultural Immersion Experience is a 3-hour spiritual retreat in the city of Indianapolis: A time of spiritual reflection, guided prayer, discovery, and exposure to the diverse cultures in Indianapolis and introducing people to the work of Migros Aid in the city.    

The retreat cost includes a meal, a stop at the international market to shop in groups, driving around the community, guided prayer, a visit to the apartment of a refugee family to hear their migration story, and a stop the Migros Aid ministry center facility.

We can customize a retreat for your group or church (minimum of 5 people).   Saturdays are the best day from 11:30-2:30.    Contact us for more information

COST: $35 per person (covers lunch, a gift to a refugee family, & a shopping experience)

GUIDED BY: Joel Vestal

11:30 AM – Meet at a restaurant for lunch. Participants will leave their cars in the parking lot and ride in the Migros Aid van after lunch. Everyone will return to their cars by 2:30. Families welcome (recommended for children 5th grade and up).


Lacy Turnquist, the Missions coordinator of Eagle Church in Whitestown, said, ‘ During our experience, my eyes were opened to the “International” area of Indy. I love that we can not only experience but engage with different cultures right here in our city.”

Sara Ford participated in the retreat and said, “Join Migros Aid for a day of delicious food, experiential learning, and thoughtful prayer as you immerse yourself into the many cultures represented in Indianapolis! Come with an open mind and heart prepared to learn about Migros Aid and its mission to love the nations right here in our city!”

Joe Garner said, “I witnessed generosity that we see very little in our current US culture.”

Watch the video below to hear what others are saying…