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CARE Club Values:

  • Community
  • Empowerment 
  • Connection |
  • Transformation

Here is what we want to see happen at CARE Club:

  • Provide a consistently safe, and secure environment for refugees to gather
  • Provide a hot, free, and healthy meal
  • Provide creative activities for children to engage with
  • Provide English conversation practice for adults
  • Provide tutoring to students who bring their homework
  • Provide community building through music, singing, and storytelling
  • Provide volunteers an opportunity to engage with multiple cultures and meet the refugee community
  • Provide a space for refugees from any religious background to come together and support each other
  • Provide conversation in small groups (Care groups) that seek to provide encouragement and support

Every Thursday.  Please contact us to come and help out.  We always welcome groups to make meals, as we feed 50+ each week.