Getting Prepared for the 2021 Garden

Getting Prepared for the 2021 Garden

This is our third year for the Migros Aid garden. Each year it has grown and expanded, impacting more people.

We have had a couple of work days this year and plan to have more before planting in early May. We will employe 6-8 young people to work in the garden this summer and exploring ways to participate in a local farmers market.

In 2020, we grew 940 pounds of produce for the community. We hope that in 2021 we can increase this to help provide food to more people.

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Updated Mission and Vision Statements and Core Values

Updated Mission and Vision Statements and Core Values

Thank you to all of the volunteers and the Migros Aid board for giving input and suggestions on our revised mission and vision statements. We have been in a process of collecting input this year from our team to communicate what we are about. As every organization evolves and grows, it is always crucial to adapt and update the mission, vision, and core values. We believe this will help guide our efforts into the future and increase our ability to share our mission and vision with a wider audience to be able to have a greater capacity of impact.


Our mission is to create belonging among immigrants and refugees by facilitating transformative relationships through holistic mentoring. 


Our vision is to promote a welcoming community of hospitality that creates human flourishing, self-sufficiency, and transformation – while reducing isolation and fear.

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Support the work of Migros Aid by donating stocks or mutual funds

Support the work of Migros Aid by donating stocks or mutual funds Donate Stock To Migros Aid, Inc.

We have partnered with Stock Donator to be able to receive investment donations like stocks or mutual funds. Please click on the green button above.

The following brokerage firms are supported:

  • Wells Fargo Advisors (Wells Trade)
  • Etrade
  • Fidelity
  • T. Rowe Price
  • Schwab
  • Vanguard
  • Merrill Edge
  • USAA
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Eagle church of Whitestown helps provide 60+ Gift Baskets to refugee families over christmas

Eagle church of Whitestown helps provide 60+ Gift Baskets to refugee families over christmas

The Christmas season was a challenge to many refugee families during a global pandemic. Thanks to Eagle Church for their help in putting together 60+ gift baskets. The baskets included practical items such as laundry detergent, socks, tooth brushes, soap, tooth paste, etc.

The gifts were practical and helpful for families. This outreach provided a practical way to show God’s love in action and remind people of the meaning of Christmas.

Earbuds Provided for students for Online school

Earbuds Provided for students for Online school

Students in IPS started the school year virtually in August. While the schools provided computers and tablets for students to be able to connect with their teachers from home, many of them did not have headphones. Teachers we spoke to said that it would be very helpful for them to wear headphones or earphones (with a microphone) to cut down on background noise. We were able to distribute these to the community and the kids were very excited to use them.

Teaching Life Lessons in a Garden

Teaching Life Lessons in a Garden

So many lessons about life can be taught in a garden.   That was exactly our vision for the second year of the Migros Aid garden.     The garden has been a real success despite all of the ways Covid-19 has been a challenge to all of us.

“Working in the garden this summer has helped us to communicate together and learn about the Bible.”  says 17-year-old Severin Zaoro, a refugee from Cameroon.

Severin is one of six young people who immigrated to America as refugees in recent years and have been involved in Migros Aid.  These students have worked in the Migros Aid garden over the summer on the west side of Indianapolis, giving two hours per week to care for the garden.      The students are paid a small stipend for their summer job, working in pairs.  The students were connected with an adult mentor who usually picked them up and provided encouragement, friendship, and teaching moments to the students each week.

Tina Swarens, a mentor to one of the girl’s groups, says, “I enjoyed getting to know the girls, seeing their enthusiasm to have a job and learning to garden.  I’m grateful God brought us together.”

The community garden is located at the Westside Episcipocal Community Center where Migros Aid is one of the ministry partners using the facility.

Migros Aid board member, Tom Langerbartels, gave leadership to the garden and says,  “The commitment of the volunteers and the regular participation of the immigrant students have been very encouraging.  The relationships built while working in the garden have led to cultural, spiritual, ethical, and political discussions.  It has really been a joy to watch how God is growing fruit in these young people as they work to grow fruit in the garden.”

Fifteen-year-old, Samacheya Tamang,  says, “I have learned that doing the garden is really good. It also reminds me of my home country and plus I like doing watering so the garden can have more watered and gives them the energy to grow.”

We plan to do three things with the vegetables that grow this year:   Distribute them to the refugee community,  sell vegetables to anyone for our back to school fund, and give to the Storehouse food pantry.

Please contact us if you want to host a Migros Vegetable Stand in your community and help support the work of Migros Aid.

The other students who participated were Ajulu Ojulu,  Pierre Kaskile, Anita Mawazo, and Naomi Salama.

Jan Woodall,  Nick Myers, and Lydia Crain were also adult helpers and mentors to the students.

Summer Camping Trips for Young Refugees

Summer Camping Trips for Young Refugees

The chance to drive for an hour away from the city is a big deal for many young immigrants.      This summer we have been able to take students on camping and hiking trips where stories are told and memories are created that will be remembered for a lifetime.   For many of these young people, it is their first experience of camping in America.

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Diapers provided to the Community

Diapers provided to the Community

Diapers can be a challenge to obtain for low income families because they cannot be obtained through SNAP (food stamps) or WIC (Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children).    

During Covid-19, many refugees have lost work and have found themselves in a hard situation.   

We are grateful to the  Indiana Diaper Bank and their donation to of diapers to Migros Aid to distribute within the immigrant, refuge community.   

The Indiana Diaper Bank is an organization whose mission is to provide diapers to low-income families. We received various sizes of diapers, as well as wipes and diaper cream, and were able to distribute them to some refugee families in the community.