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We can all look back on our lives and remember people who made positive impacts on us. At Migros Aid, we believe our work is important and allows us to enlist others to support and encourage those we serve. Thriving in life requires a community to come around and offer love, encouragement, and friendship.

Your donation on this #givingtuesday will allow us to continue to serve these ten people – and others!  

  1. Laurent, from Cameroon, is five and lives with his mom and brother. His brother has been in and out of the hospital a lot this year and numerous people from the Migros community help the family. Laurent proudly tells everyone he knows about being on High Honor Roll and involved in weekly tutoring and CARE club. 
  1. Hannah, from Syria, has been learning English with a Migros mentor, and she just passed her U.S. citizenship test with the help of a Migros mentor. 
  1. Obed has started coming to Migros Academy after hearing his siblings, Prince and Davis, talk about how much they like their tutors. He wants to work on bringing up his grades.
  1. Mahat, from Somalia, was quite a handful and it was hard to get him focused when first coming to Migros Academy. He has matured in many ways and loves playing strategy games, like Battleship, with tutors. He’s even taken a couple books home with him.
  1. Daima asked a mentor, “Have you ever been to McDonalds? Is it nice? We heard it was nice. I always wanted to go there.”  Daima, along with her 6 siblings, come for help with homework at our weekly Academy and attend CARE Club. They are soon to be treated to a meal at McDonald’s over Christmas holidays.  
  1. Mohammad will soon be sworn in as an American citizen. He has been helped by Migros mentors for the 5 years he has been in Indianapolis, after fleeing war in Syria.     
  1. Chance,a teenage girl, meets regularly with a Migros mentor for Bible study. Her mentor also assisted her in starting a new job.
  1. Sandrine is a teen girl from Africa and recently enjoyed the Winterlights Display with her mentor at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.
  1. Solei is a refugee mother of four and has been in America since June. She currently works weekly with one of our cleaning crews to earn money for her family.
  1.  Emma Lar finally can come to get help with her homework at Migros Academy.  She is in Kindergarten and now joins her brothers: Eh My and Chrys Ta Pah.   

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