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In our continued effort to invest in the lives of refugees and raise up future leaders, we took a group of refugee teens to a youth camp in Michigan over the holidays.  It was called SNOW Camp and joined teens from 3 other churches in Indianapolis.      The individuals were selected for demonstrating leadership potential.  We are planning on a leadership training for them in 2020.

We had to explain and show the students what a sleeping bag was and how to use it.  We had to tell them that the woods were safe and no “bad people” were there.   It was a new experience for all of them of taking risks and overcoming some fears.   It was their first time to climb a rock wall, do a zip line, and do archery!    A few of them braved the cold lake at  12:30 AM called the “polar plunge”, along with others at the camp!

One girl wrote to me,  “Yes I’m so happy and it’s was my favorite trip ever and I wanna go to camping again so yes I will going to come and I will.”

Here are some comments and questions from these refugee students during our weekend:

  • “When you pray do you get a second chance?”
  • “Why is it hard to do good things and easy to do the bad things?”
  • “God wants to use me to help others “
  • “I thank GOD for IPS giving education to everyone”   (Indianapolis Public Schools)
  • “I could stay here for 2 weeks at this camp”

What was the favorite part of SNOW CAMP?

  • “Singing”
  • “Chapel and come to pray”
  • “JAM” (Jesus and Me time)
  • “Worship God”
  • “Prayer”
  • “Encounter GOD”
  • “Talk about how to be a leader”

  What do I need from GOD as I go back home? Comments made…

  • “Future”
  • “Life”
  • “Help with decisions”
  • “Do good things and not bad things”
  • “How I can impact others”
  • “How I can help people in my country”

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