Migros Academy: Empowering the Next Generation Through One-On-One Tutoring

Migros Academy:   Empowering the Next Generation Through One-On-One Tutoring

Our efforts to continue to empower the next generation of refugee students will now be called  Migros Academy.   It will continue our five-year track record of our weekly Homework Club and mentoring of students, since our inception in 2017.    Our goal is 25 students this next school year (2022-2023) We need your help to tutor these kids!    

Click here to contact us and get more info and work to help a student with their homework and excel!     You can make a real impact!  

Angie Wiggins joins the Migros Aid team part-time to lead, guide, and facilitate the Migros Aid Academy.  Wiggins has over  26 years of teaching experience in a variety of settings. Locally, she has taught with several homeschool co-ops and at North Central High School. 

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Wiggins says,   “I am honored and excited to join the Migros Aid team and help grow the educational component of the ministry.  Since January 2018, my daughters and I have volunteered at Migros Aid’s Homework Club. I am thankful for what we’ve learned and experienced through Homework Club. I would love to assist students who have great potential but who may be falling through the cracks in their crowded classrooms.   God has given me many opportunities to teach English Language Learners, and I always welcome that.  My family and I live on the west side of Indianapolis.  My husband, Andy, and I have 3 daughters (Sarah Grace 17, Anna 16, and Caroline 15). We worship and serve at One Fellowship Church.  In the free time I have after parenting 3 active teenagers,  I love wandering downtown, eating at international restaurants, and hanging out in my hammock with a book.”

Migros Academy tutors will build personal relationships with students from the refugee community to foster academic confidence and a lifelong passion for learning.

How Will the Migros Academy Work?

  • Once a week tutoring sessions designed to address math and reading skills, as well as relationship building.
  • The tutoring sessions will have a specific schedule and structure to maximize the time that the student and tutor have together. 
  • We will select 25 students (grades K-8) who demonstrate an interest in academic pursuits and positive attitudes. Each student will be paired with a tutor who will make a 9-week commitment to weekly tutoring sessions over the summer.
  • All tutors will apply, complete background checks and volunteer waivers, and attend Migros 101.
  • Tutoring sessions will begin at student homes to build trust between tutors, parents, and students. If all parties are comfortable, the sessions can later take place at other locations

Wiggins reflects further,  “Through our process, young people will realize their unlimited potential and make meaningful contributions to their families and communities. • There are bright, eager students in the refugee community who have great potential for leadership and academic success. This new generation of Americans can take advantage of all the world has to offer them and can offer their own gifts and hard work to their communities when they have the necessary tools. Their untapped potential is a detriment to them and their communities! • Their parents are committed to their students doing well in school because most immigrant families value education. Most of the parents, however, are working long hours, are unfamiliar with the American education system, and have not yet become fluent in English. These factors make it difficult for them to assist their children with homework. • America is richer when immigrants bring new perspectives that immigrants bring to the table. All Americans benefit when immigrants succeed.

Refugees in Indianapolis give $14 to launch UKRAINE REFUGEE FUND to assist refugees fleeing war in Ukraine

Refugees in Indianapolis give $14 to launch UKRAINE REFUGEE FUND to assist refugees fleeing war in Ukraine

On Thursday, March 3 at our weekly CARE club we had a special program to reflect and respond to the war in Ukraine and the over 1 million refugees who have fled. We launched the Migros Aid Ukraine Refugee Fund and set a goal to raise $50,000. click here to donate

Channel 8 news was there to tell the story how the refugee community, who themselves had fled war, want to help refugees in Ukraine. Young people in the group wrote letters that will be mailed to refugees fleeing Ukraine. Also, a total of $14 was collected, all from young people, to assist refugees in Europe. A song was shared by Nick Sahaidachny and he spoke about how his parents fled Ukraine in the 1930s.

Joseph Mosse also shared his story of being raised in Ukraine and how many of his friends are in danger.

Migros Aid has launched a UKRAINE REFUGEE FUND and our goal is to raise $50,000 to bring aid and assistance to the refugee crises that has emerged as a result of Russia’s invasion. We will be be partnering with groups in Poland and Romania where we have relationship.

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Empowering Afghan Refugees through Weekly English Classes

Empowering Afghan Refugees through Weekly English Classes

As Afghan refugees have moved to Indianapolis, we have been having English classes since November 2021 on a weekly basis in the community. We are so grateful for the several volunteers who are helping. We desire to continue these small classes through 2022.

The women’s class has been meeting for two days per week and is currently taking a break. We helped some of the more advanced, educated women enroll in a local English school to get daily English classes. The class provides emotional support for these women, too.

A class for men has been meeting weekly as well who are from Afghanistan.

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Prepare a WELCOME KIT or CLOTHING KIT for a new Refugee Family

Prepare a WELCOME KIT or CLOTHING KIT for a new Refugee Family

Please consider putting together a WELCOME KIT or CLOTHING KIT for refugee families that are arriving! This is a great way for your family, office, small group, church group to put your compassion to action.

As you put together your kit you can put it in a box or clothing basket.

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Weekly C.A.R.E. Club Returns

Weekly C.A.R.E. Club Returns

Throughout the pandemic, so many in the community were asking each week when they could come to C.A.R.E. Club again. They were very excited when we were able to restart our weekly event in August!

One of our mantras at CARE club is “We care for you!” We believe many in the immigrant community need to be reminded of this on an ongoing basis and that so many of us want to see them succeed. Further, providing a consistent presence and routine is always important for those who have experienced trauma and instability to grow in resilience. Refugees from numerous religious backgrounds come to CARE club. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure space for refugees to share a meal, have conversations, nurture relationships, and enjoy activities.   

Students who bring their homework can get help and adults who come have an opportunity to practice their English. Soccer games happen each week!


Community | Empowerment | Connection | Transformation

Provide a consistent safe, secure environment for refugees to gather
Provide a hot, free, and healthy meal
Provide creative activities for children to engage with
Provide English conversation practice for adults
Provide tutoring to students who bring their homework
Provide community building through music, singing, and storytelling
Provide volunteers an opportunity to engage with multiple cultures and meet the refugee community

Please contact us if you are interested in preparing a meal or want to volunteer.

Indiana to Receive 5,000 Afghani Refugees at Camp Atterbury Soon: What You Can Do!

Indiana to Receive 5,000 Afghani Refugees at Camp Atterbury Soon:  What You Can Do!

Fox 59 reported at 10:15 AM on 8/31/21, ” U.S. Representative Greg Pence announced that he has received confirmation from the United States Department of Defense to authorized the use of Camp Atterbury for temporary housing and support for Afghanistan evacuees.

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Sign: Petition to Governor Eric J Holcomb to Accept Refugees from Afghanistan into Indiana

Sign:   Petition to Governor Eric J Holcomb to Accept Refugees from Afghanistan into Indiana

Click here to sign the petition

The Petition Reads,

Dear Governor Eric Holcomb,

Thank you for your service to our great state. This petition is to urge you to act within your power to help resettle refugees from Afghanistan into Indiana.

The US-backed Afghan government collapsed recently in a matter of days following the US’ withdrawal of its military presence, leading the Taliban to swiftly take over control of the country for the first time since the US arrived in 2001. Thousands of Afghanis are fleeing for their lives who helped U.S. troops, diplomats, journalists, and other civilians over the past 20 years. It is our duty to help them by welcoming them to our state. Please join other governors throughout our great nation and allow Indiana to be home to Afghani refugees.

I am a proud resident in the state of Indiana.

Please take action and facilitate refugees who have fled Afghanistan to be settled in Indiana. We believe the great people of our state can practice “Hoosier Hospitality” and offer support and friendship.

Thank you for hearing our voices!

Sign the petition. You can sign your name OR sign anonymously

Operation Welcome: Afghanistan

Operation Welcome:  Afghanistan

As we are all watching the scenes in recent days on our screens of what is happening in Afghanistan, it is left many feeling sad and concerned.

You can do something! Please help support Migros Aid, Inc as we respond to the mass exodus of Afghani refugees in the following ways:

👉🏼Serve and aid Afghani refugee families who are currently living in central Indiana in Jesus’ name.

👉🏼Network and partner with other groups and friends in the US where Afghani refugees are being resettled to bring assistance and encouragement

👉🏼Help sustain and grow our impact to serve more refugee families who will be coming from Afghanistan and many other war-torn regions.

Jesus said. “I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Matthew 25:31-40

Please sign; Petition to Governor Eric J Holcomb to Accept Refugees from Afghanistan into Indiana

click here to make a safe and secure online donation

You can mail a donation to: Migros Aid, Inc. P.O. Box 20086 Indianapolis IN 46220

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