Sign: Petition to Governor Eric J Holcomb to Accept Refugees from Afghanistan into Indiana

Sign:   Petition to Governor Eric J Holcomb to Accept Refugees from Afghanistan into Indiana

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The Petition Reads,

Dear Governor Eric Holcomb,

Thank you for your service to our great state. This petition is to urge you to act within your power to help resettle refugees from Afghanistan into Indiana.

The US-backed Afghan government collapsed recently in a matter of days following the US’ withdrawal of its military presence, leading the Taliban to swiftly take over control of the country for the first time since the US arrived in 2001. Thousands of Afghanis are fleeing for their lives who helped U.S. troops, diplomats, journalists, and other civilians over the past 20 years. It is our duty to help them by welcoming them to our state. Please join other governors throughout our great nation and allow Indiana to be home to Afghani refugees.

I am a proud resident in the state of Indiana.

Please take action and facilitate refugees who have fled Afghanistan to be settled in Indiana. We believe the great people of our state can practice “Hoosier Hospitality” and offer support and friendship.

Thank you for hearing our voices!

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Homework Club is Back!

Homework Club is Back!

After a year and a half, we have restarted our Homework Club, our weekly tutoring! Students can bring homework one afternoon a week after school at the apartment complex where they live, and volunteers help them to complete it. If they finish early, we have extra books and games. Students need to bring homework and they will receive rewards after attending a certain number of times. They also receive a snack at the end of the time together. Most of the student’s parents do not speak English and unable to help them with simple assignments. Please contact us to help out

School Supplies and Backpacks Help 155+ Students Prepare for School

School Supplies and Backpacks Help 155+ Students Prepare for School

Backpacks full of supplies were distributed to over 155 students in Kindergarten through High School in the refugee/immigrant community as they prepare to go back to school in-person. The supplies included masks, notebooks, writing utensils, and more. Everyone was excited to receive a new backpack! Thank you to those who supported this project and gave to make it possible.

The Mon Sisters: A Migration Story of Hope!

The Mon Sisters:  A Migration Story of Hope!

Twin sisters Mon Htaw and Mon Sorn were living as refugees in Thailand when their 7-year-old brother died from malaria because of a lack of health care.   “He died in my parent’s arms,” Mon Sorn said.

They are from the Mon people, a Buddhist ethnic group, that today is scattered throughout the world and has experienced generations of oppression and injustice.  There are about 1.3 million MON people around the world. 

“That was the moment my father decided to get my sister, younger brother and me to America for a better future.”

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Updated Mission and Vision Statements and Core Values

Updated Mission and Vision Statements and Core Values

Thank you to all of the volunteers and the Migros Aid board for giving input and suggestions on our revised mission and vision statements. We have been in a process of collecting input this year from our team to communicate what we are about. As every organization evolves and grows, it is always crucial to adapt and update the mission, vision, and core values. We believe this will help guide our efforts into the future and increase our ability to share our mission and vision with a wider audience to be able to have a greater capacity of impact.


Our mission is to create belonging among immigrants and refugees by facilitating transformative relationships through holistic mentoring. 


Our vision is to promote a welcoming community of hospitality that creates human flourishing, self-sufficiency, and transformation – while reducing isolation and fear.

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School Supplies Provided for 110 Students

School Supplies Provided for 110 Students

Going back to school has looked different this year, but students are now returning to the classroom, some on a hybrid schedule. Thank you to everyone who made this happen! We are very appreciative of those who helped provided pencils, paper, notebooks, crayons, calculators, masks, and other supplies needed for the children we serve to have a good start back to school.

Reusable bags were provided by the Trader Joe’s on West 86th street to hold the supplies, as well as paper grocery sacks from local Kroger stores. Several volunteers met on a Thursday night to sort and prepare the supplies for distribution.

We were able to provide school supplies for 110 students. They were excited to receive the school supplies, and we hope they have a great start back to in-person school!

Earbuds Provided for students for Online school

Earbuds Provided for students for Online school

Students in IPS started the school year virtually in August. While the schools provided computers and tablets for students to be able to connect with their teachers from home, many of them did not have headphones. Teachers we spoke to said that it would be very helpful for them to wear headphones or earphones (with a microphone) to cut down on background noise. We were able to distribute these to the community and the kids were very excited to use them.