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The mission of Migros Aid says, “To create belonging among immigrants and refugees by facilitating transformative relationships through holistic mentoring.”

Migros Mentors serve in so many numerous ways. Some meet with a family or an individual on a regular basis. Some mentor a small group of teens in a weekly CARE group. Others help with needs as they arise, always helping find the best solution for needs. In May alone, 21 mentors gave 179 hours assisting 101 refugees in the community. Here are a few stories (but not all of them) of what Migros Mentors have been doing in recent months in 2021…

  • Mentors spent time with a family after they experienced a scary situation late at night.
  • A volunteer mentor assembled bunk beds for a refugee family who moved to town recently.
  • Mentors helped a young man from Somalia get his driver’s permit and register for high school so that he can work towards earning his diploma. Another volunteer took him to an appointment to complete his enrollment.
  • A CARE group of teenage girls continues to meet with a mentor to study the book of Luke.
  • Mentoring of young people on several mulching and landscaping jobs around the city.
  • A mentor helped the family that she works with ensure the safety of their children in their home, and another mentor attached a latch on the door.
  • Young people are mentored through mulching and landscape work through Glocal Services
  • A mentor took someone to the dentist and shopping at Walmart.
  • Four volunteers have begun mentoring teenagers as they work to take care of the Migros Garden each week.
  • A mentor continues to practice English via zoom every week with a refugee.
  • A volunteer who is a driving instructor is helping a teenage girl learn to drive.
  • A mentor has formed a deep friendship with an Iraqi woman and they share family celebrations via pictures and video calls. She has encouraged and helped the woman’s children to study and pass their citizenship exams.
  • A family from Syria will soon have a new home in a Habitat for Humanity house thanks to the help of Migros mentors who have walked with them through the process.
  • A new mentor is helping the children of a Congolese family enroll in school. The family recently moved to Indy from Alabama after resettling from Uganda about a year ago.
  • A mentor took an adult to his traffic court hearing.

In a recent survey, here is what mentors are saying:

“I love getting the opportunity to spend time with those I have met through Migros Aid.”

”Very fulfilling”

“They are amazing!! I’ve never met more joyful, generous people, it is a gift to know them. “

Please contact us by filling out this form and learn about ways you can become a Migros Mentor. Migros 101 training and a background check is required.

Our story is still being written and you can be a part of it!

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