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“Because I want to help people.”
“Because it gives me a change to love the stranger”
“Because it’s my calling.”
“Because it gives me an opportunity to love my neighbor and practice justice for the poor.”
“Because I get to do missions right at home.”
And, of course, “Because it’s fun.”
These are just some of the reasons that 10 adults and 3 children gave last Sunday, November 5,  about why they invest in Migros Aid when they met to brainstorm and dream about the future of the organization and its programs.   It was a great night!  The room buzzed with the energy of hearts and minds engaged in the mission of loving our neighbors — neighbors that are right here in the hidden corners of Indianapolis.
The group threw out practical solutions: facilitate contact with teachers to make Homework Club more effective, bring healthy snacks, group adults by level at English Club, and develop a list of community resources on the website for mentor volunteers.

The group dreamed of ways to expand: engage other churches and youth groups, speak about refugee issues and needs, and raise $30,000 by the end of the year, with a matching donor gift of $10,000!!
And the group prayed: for guidance, vision and the resources to do God’s work in the immigrant community.
When Jesus saw a large crowd of people with many needs, his first response was to command his disciples to pray for more harvest hands. “What a huge harvest”, he said to his disciples.  “How few workers! On your knees and pray for harvest hands! (Matthew 9: 37-38 The Message).”
Please pray with us for more volunteers for English Club and more tutors for Homework Club. Pray with us for more personal mentors and for opportunities for Migros Aid to educate Indianapolis about its refugee community and their needs. And pray with us for generous donors who understand what it takes to support a community of immigrants by living out God’s commandment of loving your neighbor as yourself.
This week, please join us “on our knees praying for harvest hands” for Migros Aid.
Article written by Monica Tatera, a regular volunteer.

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