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We are grateful for individuals and a couple of local churches that supply food for us to help distribute to refugees in the city of Indianapolis.       We are also grateful for the Storehouse Food Pantry that provides food boxes for emergency needs among families we serve.    We share space with the Storehouse pantry at the Westside Episcopal Community Center.

“There are always smiles for a bag of potatoes or a couple of jars of peanut butter when we come to the door,” says Joel Vestal, Migros Aid’s lead facilitator.

“I have been in countless apartments to deliver food and find the freezer empty, the refrigerator empty, and very little in the cabinets.”

Food shortage is really an issue with access, as there an abundance of food pantries and resources in the city to help people find and get supplemental food.   Even with SNAP (food stamps),  many families still face food shortages.   Food shortages are often a common struggle with immigrants, especially from Covid-19 and financial hardships.

Please make a donation here to help us with our outreach with food to the community.

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