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Volunesia means “a moment when you forget that you’re volunteering to change lives because it is changing yours.”

Migros mentors all share these moments often of how their lives are being changed as a mentor to refugee. Here are just a few stories from December 2022 that Migros mentors shared. Our goal is to have 100+ mentors in 2023. Will you be our next mentor?

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  • “I spent an hour on Friday afternoons helping a woman from Afghanistan practice English. Recently, she knew a few days prior had been my birthday. When I arrived at her house, she cooked a special meal from home (Afghanistan) to celebrate my birthday with me. It was very sweet! It showed me just how valuable our relationship is to her and her family. ” (from Jessica )
  • A mentor meets with a group of teen girls weekly to study the book of Acts and offer support to each other
  • “I really loved the Academy Christmas party. They deserved all the special treats they got that evening. ” (from Caroline )
  • “The end-of-the-year Academy party was so much fun. Especially watching the kids get their certificates!” (from Steve)
  • “When I bring one family food from a food pantry, all the kids come running out to bring the food in, and to find something yummy to eat. “(from Paula)
  • A 6th-grade boy eagerly shared his semester grades with his tutors at Migros Academy!
  • Mentors took 6 children to their first-ever Mcdonald’s dinner.
  • A mentor to several Afghan women recently walked alongside a woman as her husband was dying of cancer by visiting the hospital and helping with medical affairs. When she was left widowed with 3 children, the mentor attended the funeral dinner and helped with expenses.
  • A team of people works with a 20-year old young man in a health crisis. Mentors visit him, take food, set up his internet, go to doctor appointments with him, and care for his younger brother.
  • A mentor helps a family who lost SNAP benefits to reapply.
  • A mentor drives a 5th grader to the Health Department for his school vaccinations.
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