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“I’ve taught hundreds of students in my career as a 7th grade reading & writing teacher.  Why did this new volunteer gig feel so intimidating?  Oh… there would just be the 2 of us with no set curriculum.  THAT is what had me so nervous as I walked through the door my first Tuesday night for tutoring with Migros Aid.

Then it hit me – I was there to be a FRIEND!  A smiling consistent face to chat with, have fun with, and maybe learn a little along the way.  Ahhh…. I could be a FRIEND!

Just think about it. What do friends do? They chat while doing things they both enjoy.  For Sifa, Rebecca, Daima, and I, that means we color with colored pencils, play games, read (we’ve found some great picture books!), write, and share snacks while swapping stories about siblings and school.

Being a part of the Migros Aid community is one of my favorite hours of the week where all I have to do is be a friend.”

By Martie Hoofer, a tutor at Migros Academy since the opening session. She and her husband, Steve, have 2 grown children. Martie taught at Pike Township schools for many years and remains actively involved in the school district. She worships and serves at One Fellowship Church.

The Migros Academy is our effort to empower emerging generations of immigrant and refugees in their education through one one one tutoring.

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