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Thank you to all of the volunteers and the Migros Aid board for giving input and suggestions on our revised mission and vision statements. We have been in a process of collecting input this year from our team to communicate what we are about. As every organization evolves and grows, it is always crucial to adapt and update the mission, vision, and core values. We believe this will help guide our efforts into the future and increase our ability to share our mission and vision with a wider audience to be able to have a greater capacity of impact.


Our mission is to create belonging among immigrants and refugees by facilitating transformative relationships through holistic mentoring. 


Our vision is to promote a welcoming community of hospitality that creates human flourishing, self-sufficiency, and transformation – while reducing isolation and fear.


  • Empowerment: We believe in empowering immigrants and refugees in a holistic way;  emotionally, relationally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. 
  • Flourishment:   We understand that we were all created to thrive, become self-sufficient and experience wholeness. 
  • Transformation: We seek  transformation in the lives of immigrants and their communities through the experience of God’s love in relationships
  • Belonging: We strive to create a culture of kindness and hospitality where immigrants feel valued and accepted.
  • Community:   We believe community is essential for growth; therefore,  we enlist  people to engage, love, and serve refugees to create a welcoming community of hospitality.

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