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If you have experienced the rest and restoration that comes from a retreat, you know it can be life changing. Being plucked from our everyday surroundings can allow us a fresh perspective and a chance to delight in new people and places. There is a certain freedom that comes from time away. Since Migros Aid began in 2017, we have taken over 50 students on multiple camps / retreats with partnering churches.

In January, 17 students in the Migros Aid community experienced this through a weekend trip to Snow Camp in Michigan with other students from the three other Common Ground churches in Indianapolis. For many, it was their first trip to Michigan, first time at camp, and first time sleeping in a sleeping bag.

One student commented after the retreat, “The food was the best I have ever had. It was like fancy restaurant food!”

There were countless moments of making memories and allowing the group to have spiritual conversations and hear encouraging messages about Christ.

Three students expressed the freedom they experienced over the weekend.

  • A middle school boy who moved here from Rwanda about 4 years ago, was asked about the best part of the time for him one evening in the cabin. He quickly answered, “I had a good day because I felt safe!”
  • A high school girl who has only been in the United States for only two years, shared that she is struggling to learn English so she didn’t always understand all that was said in the sermons. During the worship time, however, through the music and songs, she felt very close to God. There was no translation needed to worship God. 
  • Another high school girl shared that during the weekend God showed her some personal issues that she had hidden deep in her heart. God revealed to her that she needed to give them over to God. 
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Each of these students, and the others as well, experienced a freedom that we don’t always find easily in our everyday lives.


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