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We are grateful for MTI: School of Knowledge letting us rent their excellent facility during the winter.  

The MTI School of Knowledge is a Muslim school in our community with a burgeoning enrollment and a spacious school building. Most Thursdays, we rented this building with the use of their gymnasium and a multi-purpose auditorium. Games of basketball and Sharks & Minnows replaced soccer and corn hole. The younger kids had a huge space to run and play, a nice break from their small apartments. We also began developing relationships with staff and administrators at MTI, which we hope will open doors to serving and supporting them.

We are excited for Daylight Savings Time to begin so we can resume our outdoor routines at CARE Club, but we are grateful that God provided MTI to carry us through the cold, dark Thursday nights, and we hope our partnership with the school will continue to grow. 

If you’d like to join us for a fun CARE Club night, please contact us!

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