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Our focus as an organization is to facilitate transformative relationships.    We do this in several ways:  Migros mentors,  CARE Club, Migros Academy, and our summer garden. 
Here are a few stories of mentors sharing their experiences just in the month of  February- 2023.     Stories are indeed what makes life meaningful and transforming.    
  • Seeing this young Somali teen’s pride in telling me he finished in the top 3 in his school’s essay contest
  • Setting up a desktop computer for a refugee family at their home
  • Getting to bring groceries someone provided for a new widow, getting to help her think of what her new life can look like
  • Seeing the little kid’s personalities come out once you get to know them.
  • One Afghan family wanted to buy an apartment sized washing machine. They have no hookup for it but he had a plan. I helped him order it on Amazon. It came damaged. I worked with Amazon and the company that sold it to him. They gave him his money back and told him to keep the machine. We have worked to repair it and I’ll be stopping by there tomorrow to give him the final jerry-rigged part. During the process, we were eating a meal and he said you are family to us. They were tough at first and hard to read but at that moment I knew there was a breakthrough.
  • I love coming along these kids to encourage them…whether it’s through reading books with them or playing games with them.
  • Very rewarding and educational about refugees and the challenges they face.
  • One of the teenage girls in the Bible study visited Care Club after not attending it for several weeks. She said it was “like going home” for her to see everyone again.
  • It is rewarding to see the kids progress when tutoring! When something finally clicks and they move forward, it makes you smile
  • A mentor delivered a bed to a teen who was sleeping on the floor

Please contact us about getting involved and mentoring a refugee individual or family.

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