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C.A.R.E. Club (formally known as English Club) is starting August 8, 2019.    It is our attempt to “rebrand” our weekly gathering.    Session 1 of C.A.R.E. Club will be 24 weeks and consists of 6 lessons around each letter of C.A.R.E.     It is designed for ages 21 and under but we believe the content can translate to adults, too.   We will still have English Conversation for adults.

We are seeking guides!    Guides  are volunteers who will commit to work with a group (5-8)  each session on a weekly basis and provide encouragement and support.   Volunteers are welcome to come monthly for other roles like food,  greeters, monitors, and clean up.

The evening is designed to be a community event centered around a meal and relationships and a place of belonging and community.  We believe emotional healing and flourishing happens as a result of community support.   We welcome Muslims, Hindus, Christians, and Buddhists to C.A.R.E. Club each Thursday.  

What does C.A.R.E. Stand for?

Connect with Others

  • Communication
  • Commitment
  • Consistency 
  • Care for others


  • Assessing yourself
  • Aspiration  (goals for your future.)
  • English and Education


  • Yourself
  • Others
  • Possessions / Property

Empower   (In choices)

  • People – Who are you around? Friends you make determine a lot
  • Places –  Where you go is important to know
  • Practices – good habits vs bad habits

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  What roles you can help with: 

  1. Commit to come weekly and be a ‘Guide”
  2.  Be a greeter & monitor crowd
  3. Practice Conversational English with adults
  4. Prepare and organize food – Seeking a food coordinator
  5. Tutor kids who bring homework

C.A.R.E. Club will…

  • Provide a consistent safe, secure environment for refugees to gather realizing community is part of the healing path for growth 
  • Small groups will work through a 24 week session to discuss C.A.R.E. vision
  • Provide a hot, free, and healthy meal – Event centered around a meal
  • Provide creative activities for children to engage with
  • Provide English conversation practice for adults 
  • Provide tutoring to students who bring their homework
  • Provide community building through music, singing,  and storytelling
  • Provide volunteers an opportunity to engage with multiple cultures and meet the refugee community

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  • Paula Cardoza-Jones
    Posted July 26, 2019 2:39 pm 0Likes

    Please give the times, e.g., when meal begins, when to arrive. I may be able to start coming on Thursdays. Paula

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