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Since we began as an organization we have made efforts to assist refugee students and help nurture their growth.   Migros Academy is our weekly initiative to assist refugee students in their education through tutoring and emotional support.  Vans pick up students in the community and bring them back to our ministry center each Tuesday.    Most of the parents of students do not speak English well enough to assist with their homework.

Perhaps no age group causes more uncertainty than middle school students, and, conversely, no other age group can make a teacher rejoice more at even a small breakthrough! Mahat is one such middle schooler. While his first days at Migros Academy were filled with mischievousness, recent months have been filled with breakthroughs!

Mahat’s family fled the war in Somalia to Kenya, where they lived as refugees for many years.  They were resettled to America over six years ago.  Mahat and his brother have participated with Migros Aid for several years, coming weekly to both CARE Club and Migros Academy.

In January, Mahaat came to Migros Academy with news of a city-wide essay contest with a cash prize. Determined to win first place, he asked his tutors to help him write an essay on the topic of Freedom. He drafted his first three paragraphs one evening at Migros Academy along with other boys from his class. The next week at Academy was Board Game night – his favorite! Instead of board games though, he asked a tutor to help him complete his essay. After working diligently for an hour (while other students played games), he left with a completed essay! When he got on the van the next Tuesday, he proudly told us that he earned a spot in the top 10 essays in his school, and then he advanced to the top three essays in the school! While we were still basking in the excitement of that news, he was awarded Student of the Month for outstanding behavior!

He is a wonderful young man – curious, respectful, and enthusiastic. Having the privilege of cheering him on is a joy!   He has a bright future ahead of him. 

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