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A Ukrainian refugee woman and her disabled daughter have received housing in Poland thanks to a Migros fund that started with $14 given by immigrants in Indianapolis.   The local news station in Indianapolis came and told the story.  watch here

The mother and daughter fled war in Ukraine and were helped through Migros’ partner SLOT Hospitality Network in Krakow, Poland. 

Migros’ Ukrainian refugee fund grew to about $5,281 this past year as the war in Ukraine continues. 

SLOT Hospitality Network was among those aided by the fund’s donations. The organization was able to meet refugees’ needs, such as buying train tickets and groceries and pay outreach workers’ salaries and rent for office/hostel space.

“The good news is that we have succeeded in what we set out to do, create a thriving and connected community of Ukrainian refugees here in Krakow,” the group reported in a recent newsletter. 

Refugee students in Indianapolis wrote letters that were sent to Ukrainian refugees in Poland (letters below)

We also supported workers in the region,  Alfie and Julie Mosse (through SEND)  and Joseph Mosse’s work in the region.  The Mosse family have lived and served in Ukraine for many years and have participated in the work of Migros Aid.  

Please continue to pray for peace in this region of the world.  

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