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There is a real hunger and desire among refugees to learn English. However, it is very challenging. The need to get a job to pay rent and the demands of the family often prevent refugees from being able to study or practice their English. For women, it can be more difficult because of these issues. Also, transportation is also a factor when it comes to getting to a class that sometimes can be miles away.

We started an English class just for women in the community where many Afghani refugees live. Currently, it is being offered two days per week in the morning.

The women often bring their babies and are very eager to improve in their English. They recently got over 75 pounds of vegetables from our community garden and the lesson that day was on the names of different foods.

Please consider making a donation to help us expand this new program and allow us to help empower women in the community.

Also., we are seeking other women to help teach. You do not have to have a teaching background. Please contact us if you are interested.

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