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This was our third year for our garden with 36 raised beds. We are grateful for all the volunteers, the 8 refugee students who were employed and mentored, and several youth groups who made our garden a success this year. All the vegetables were given freely to families in the community. 1,424 pounds of vegetables were harvested this year, up from 949 pounds in 2020.

Three different teams went weekly for two hours to do work in the garden and provide opportunities for relationship building, encouragement and mentoring. Thanks to Tom, Lydia, Katelyn, and Nick for their hard work and dedication picking up students and spending time with them, giving them a chance to earn some pocket money.

The students workers were: Ree, El too, Uredi, Pierre, Jacob, Desire, Mulumba, and Chance.


The vision of the Migros Aid Garden is that through gardening we can establish and grow relationships and empower the community to engage and learn skills to become self-sufficient. The mission of the Migros Aid Garden is to holistically mentor young people through part-time employment in the refugee community and to assist in feeding families by producing fresh produce. 

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