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Over 7,200 Afghan refugees have been settled into Camp Atterbury in Indiana in the last several months. While the majority of these refugees will eventually settle throughout North America, many have made their new home in Indianapolis. Our focus has been on Afghans arriving here in Indianapolis in several different parts of the city. We have extensive relationships within the Afghan community and have been getting regular referrals of new arrivals requesting aid. We also hear from caseworkers who ask for assistance needed for new families.

We are having Afghan families come to our weekly CARE CLUB and HOMEWORK CLUB for connection and help. Please pray for our team as we navigate the open doors before us for new relationships and impact.

As many Afghani refugees are being settled around the city of Indianapolis, we are focusing our efforts of care and empowerment in the following ways:

  1. Weekly English Classes for Afghani Women. We are currently having English classes two days per week in the community.
  2. Weekly English Classes for Afghani men. We are currently having English Classes two days per week in the community for men
  3. Furniture Donations. We have collected and delivered donated furniture to new families
  4. Household Items from the Amazon Wish List. We have distributed many items from the Amazon wish list
  5. Clothing – Most of the children do not have clothing and we have collected, sorted, and distributed clothing to families
  6. Adjustment & Welcome- Our staff , volunteers and Migros Mentors have been assisting families and providing encouragement and friendship

Please make a donation towards our ongoing efforts to help respond to the need. If you wish to volunteer, please contact us

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