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We took another group to a camp in Michigan in June. The group had a phenomenal time together doing things they had never done and experiencing God’s love in new ways, making friends, and having fun.   

This camp was organized by Eagle Church in Whitestown, IN.     The experiences that Migros Aid students get to have are very impactful for them and a time to grow spiritually and be in a peaceful environment around a lake. 

One  girl from Egypt shared “I prayed yesterday and I could sleep last night.”
A Burmese girl returned home from camp with renewed self-confidence to start her first year in college this fall.
The students rode a horse for the first time. They discovered they could overcome their fears and do hard things. And found that the horses they first feared were gentle animals that they could pet and be near.
Many of the girls expressed a sense of safety while being at camp they enjoyed the time away to reflect. 
A boy displayed joy this week his commitment to participating even while injured was really encouraging to me and the others. He was empathetic to other people’s needs. Camp allowed for the students to find other ways of expressing their faith, jumping singing and learning new songs, and journaling it was fun watching them get more comfortable in a different  environment



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