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Since Migros Aid began in 2017, we have made efforts to come alongside students in their education and provide tutoring and emotional support for students. In 2022, we expanded and launched the Migros Academy.


For our final tutoring session of the 2022-23 school year, 25 students and the faithful weekly volunteers gathered at Meadowood Park to celebrate the end of the student’s school year and the one-year anniversary of Migros Academy.


Students devoured cheeseburgers, chips, and brownies. Tutors and students alike participated in a tug-of-war tournament that brought out everyone’s competitive sides (and a victory for the girls’ team!. Then the older kids played cornhole while the younger ones explored the playground equipment. All of them crowded into the vans at the end of the evening exhausted.


For the tutors, it was a time of reflection about all we’ve learned in the last year and all the students we’ve enjoyed (55 in all!). The tutors who serve make every Migros Academy student feel known and loved each week. While we will continue to adjust our practices and procedures to create the best academic experience possible, the relationships between students and tutors are flourishing! 


It was fun to celebrate the end of the year and to look forward to the second year of Migros Academy. Please contact us if you want to volunteer and help tutor a refugee student this coming school year.

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