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Since 2017,  Migros Aid has mobilized volunteers to invest in the education of refugee students. 

We know that education is foundational for children. Unfortunately, most refugee students fall behind in school as they adjust to a new life in America. Further, their parents are limited in their ability to help with homework due to language barriers.

Each Tuesday, we pick up around 20 refugee students (contingent on how many tutors) for one hour of tutoring. During that hour, tutors work with students one-on-one or in small groups. Some tutors help students with homework. If students do not bring homework, we offer ongoing lessons to reinforce and encourage the students in their education. 

During this hour, students feel seen and supported by an adult outside their family or school. This relationship is invaluable. The U.S. Department of Education has extensive research that one hour of tutoring per week can benefit a student greatly. (read more)

We need more people to come and serve with us to tutor! You can get to know Faria, an Afghan girl who excels at anything engineering-related or George, one of the brightest Kindergarteners I’ve ever met. You can cheer on Elizabeth, who has been placed into Honors Math this year or Nassir, an emerging reader.

We need more people to come and serve with us to tutor! 

 Please contact us to get involved.

Your investment in the life of students will make a real difference!

We also have ways to mentor/tutor students on other days of the week, if you are unable to serve on Tuesdays.  

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