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Founded in 1990,  MTI: School of Knowledge, an Islamic school, is located on the west side of Indianapolis.

Their mission states: In partnership with students, staff, families and our community, we aim to educate, empower, and challenge our students to realize their full potential as individuals and citizens of the world who develop a life-long thirst for knowledge.

Earlier this year,  The Migros Aid team presented gift bags to the 45+ teachers to the school as a way to say thanks for their work in the community and their hard work in educating the 400+ students enrolled in the school.

We also use their facility during the winter months for CARE club and grateful for the chance to use their facility.

Over 200 of the students at MTI are newer immigrants and refugees, where English is not spoken at home. 

In an effort to expand our desire to help come alongside refugee students in their education, we are expanding our mentoring/tutoring efforts to connect individuals around the city with students at MTI to help them in their education. 

Students from refugee families face significant academic challenges. Many are learning English as a new language. Their parents speak limited English and work long hours, making it difficult for them to help their children with schoolwork. Also, like many American students today, they have learning deficits due to COVID. Many students from under-resourced communities could not access online learning so they are often behind grade level in reading and math. Having one-on-one tutors can help students gain the skills they need for academic success.

For an hour a week (on an afternoon of the tutor’s choosing), a tutor can build a relationship with a student at MTI, help them with homework, and work with them on math and reading skills. The encouragement that comes from this relationship can motivate a student and help them feel a sense of connection.  We need YOU!    

Please contact us for more information and to get involved.  You can make a real difference in the life of a student.

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