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Twelve Migros students got to experience a week-long summer youth camp in Michigan in June. Eagle Church in Whitestown, IN provided camp scholarships for the Migros students and welcomed them into the church’s annual spiritual retreat for its middle and high school students. Migros Aid provided sleeping bags and spending money for the students to experience numerous recreational activities.

About 130 total students were at the youth camp. The Migros students formed new friendships and embraced many first-time experiences, such as horseback riding, archery, tubing, and a zip line, which challenged them and boosted their self confidence. 

It was a week was also filled with spiritual growth and empowerment for the students as they participated in daily sessions of worship and Bible study. Each evening, the cabins would spend time talking about what they learned that day.

Here are some of the students’ comments throughout the week: “Everyone is so nice. I’m learning so much.” “I feel like everything she (the speaker) said was directed to me.”  “I am so glad I got to come here and learn about GOD”

Migros Aid’s director, Joel Vestal, talked to the Migros students about taking what they experienced at camp back home to their families and community in Indianapolis and also to their extended families in Africa and Asia. Each student shared the countries in which their extended families lived and spent time praying for their home countries. They prayed as a group that God would use them to bring hope to those countries which numbered more than a dozen. Please continue to pray for these students and the work of Migros Aid.

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