Weekly C.A.R.E. Club Returns

Weekly C.A.R.E. Club Returns

Throughout the pandemic, so many in the community were asking each week when they could come to C.A.R.E. Club again. They were very excited when we were able to restart our weekly event in August!

One of our mantras at CARE club is “We care for you!” We believe many in the immigrant community need to be reminded of this on an ongoing basis and that so many of us want to see them succeed. Further, providing a consistent presence and routine is always important for those who have experienced trauma and instability to grow in resilience. Refugees from numerous religious backgrounds come to CARE club. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure space for refugees to share a meal, have conversations, nurture relationships, and enjoy activities.   

Students who bring their homework can get help and adults who come have an opportunity to practice their English. Soccer games happen each week!


Community | Empowerment | Connection | Transformation

Provide a consistent safe, secure environment for refugees to gather
Provide a hot, free, and healthy meal
Provide creative activities for children to engage with
Provide English conversation practice for adults
Provide tutoring to students who bring their homework
Provide community building through music, singing, and storytelling
Provide volunteers an opportunity to engage with multiple cultures and meet the refugee community

Please contact us if you are interested in preparing a meal or want to volunteer.

Dr. William Crabtree, Board Chairman of Migros Aid, shares about a Ministry of Presence

Dr. William Crabtree, Board Chairman of Migros Aid, shares about a Ministry of Presence

IMG-5760Dr. Bill Crabtree has been actively involved with Migros Aid since its inception serving as a volunteer and then as Chair of the Migros Aid Board.     He is Recently retired from the faculty of the Indiana University School of Medicine.    Dr. Crabtree shares,

‘Sometimes when doing God’s work I wonder if I am making a difference…. When volunteering for our Migros Aid refugee ministry I don’t have that problem…I know that everything I do makes a difference…whether it’s helping a 3rd grader from Somalia with her math homework, sharing the creation story with a middle school girl from Nepal or giving a “high 5” to a husband and father from Syria when he passes his driving test!  Oftentimes, just by the power of our presence… they know that there is not only a God in heaven but also one in the “here and now” that loves and cares for them…It just doesn’t get any better!”

Dr. Crabtree is looking forward to increasing his involvement with Migros by spending more time mentoring and working in the Migros Aid community garden.

Please contact us to get involved and serve.

One Life at a Time

One Life at a Time

When one thinks of issues of injustice and poverty and sees those who struggle, we can be left to feel hopeless and feel that we can never make a difference. When we read statistics of global migration and the millions of refugees that live in the world, it makes us throw our arms up and want to give up.

However, when we show up and engage and meet one person who might be in a hard place,  change is possible.    This is what Migros Aid is about.

We can get lost in strategy, budgets, and planning – although this is important- we want to empower one life at a time.   Our value and vision is a relationship.

We do this through our weekly Homework club (tutoring) and weekly CARE Club.  We do this through Migros Mentors who connect with a family to be a friend and help guide along the way.

Contact us to get involved.

Our 2019 (Session 1) of C.A.R.E. Club ended with a Christmas Party, Gift Distribution, and Sharing the Jesus Story

Our 2019 (Session 1) of C.A.R.E. Club ended with a Christmas Party, Gift Distribution, and Sharing the Jesus Story

We had our final C.A.R.E. Club on December 19, 2019.    This was the final session for session #1.    We were so encouraged to have 98 students participate in our first session of C.A.R.E. Club in 2019.

The session was 23 weeks (August – December).   We met each week and shared a meal, broke into small groups, and then had activities for students to engage with.     We developed a values-based curriculum with the letters of C.A.R.E. guiding teaching and  conversation:    (Communication,  Aspirations,  Respect, Empowerment)

We had 3 vans that operate and transport those who come.     The adults who come practice their English.

We were able to distribute backpacks that were filled with a gift and practical items and a Bible.   We gave over 84 on December 19!

Please pray for the lives of the refugee students we are investing in and for 2020.   Please contact us if you want to get involved.