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HKCamp-rectangle-web.jpgThe summer months can be long for refugee kids with very little resources to go to summer camps or travel, like many kids get to enjoy.

Two churches , that partner with Migros Aid,  have summer kid’s camps.    Speedway Baptist Church has an annual Vacation Bible School.  Harvest Bible Church in Carmel has started their first “Harvest Kids Camp” this year in 2018.    They both are providing transportation and scholarship for children from the refugee community to attend.   The children that are going are actively involved in Migros Aid Indy throughout the year.  These two programs will be a great way for the kids to make some new friends and experience something new.

We are dreaming and hoping that in 2019 that Migros Aid can organize our own international kids camp in the region, as well as partner with local churches to help refugee and immigrant kids have a fun summer and learn about God’s love, make new friends, and have new positive experiences.

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